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Christians have always found the book of Acts to be enjoyable, exciting and encouraging. Here we find our own 'roots' as the followers of Jesus and learn what it means to be citizens of heaven while living upon the earth. If the Gospels tell us what the gospel is, Acts tells us what the gospel does. The author keeps the exposition readable and practical drawing us to lift our hearts to Jesus, our Saviour and King. Acts is first and foremost the history of the work of the Holy Spirit in the church. It brings together two great promises of 'another Counsellor', who would lead the disciples into all truth and the Great Commission to preach the gospel to the whole world in the assurance that he would be with them always, 'to the very end of the age'. Acts is also the record of costly campaigning against a fiercely resistant enemy, over the eternal destiny of lost men and women. The sounds of battle echo from almost every scene. But so also does the scent of victory, as lives are changed and the light of Christ spreads from nation to nation! As the book of Acts closes, the work still goes on. The fulfilment of Christ's commission continues today as his followers take up the unfinished task: 'You will be my witnesses the ends of the earth.'

You Are My Witnesses: The Message of the Acts of the Apostles by Gordon Keddie

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