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We think you’ll love coming to browse and buy personally at our store. We have thousands of great Christian books, all organised and in categories.


But if you’re not in Auckland or you’re unable to come in, we’re happy to send books to you.

We have a selection of books on our online store so start your search there:

Go to online store

 You may also:

If you’ve got Christian books to sell, we’re interested in purchasing – whether you’ve got a few or a lot.

Usually we’ll get you to leave the books with us and we’ll contact you once we’ve worked out a price for them.

It is best to phone and make a time to visit.

NOTE: We generally don't purchase books on Saturdays but you can drop them off and we'll get back to you.

 The price we offer is based on:

  • saleability

  • condition

  • our current stock

Book prices are not based on the quantity of books.

Book Donations

Book donations are greatly appreciated and help keep our store running.

Read more about donating books

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