Book 1 of the Daughters of Fortune series.

Cameron Hayes' determination to distance herself from her famous father and establish herself as a journalist finds her back in her beloved Russia, now threatened by Hitler's greed. In Moscow she meets Dr. Alex Rostov, a once-prominent US surgeon who has been forced to return to his Russian homeland. Anger over the politics of war brings Alex and Cameron together, but will tragedy ultimately drive them apart? Cameron's sisters, Blair and Jackie, have each set out on paths certain to dismantle a family already fragmented by turmoil, within and without. Long-held secrets shimmer just beneath the surface of a family united only in name...will the trauma of war be the catalyst for peace?

Written On The Wind (Large Print) by Judith Pella

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  • Format: Paperback, large print

    Condition: Okay, please note this edition has a plastic wrapping which is peeling a bit, and has some water damage on the first few pages.

    Series: Daughters of Fortune #1