What does the Bible say about carbohydrates and fat?

Is there a way to avoid infectious diseases?

What Bible foods can help lengthen your life?

What are God's nutritional laws?

Which herbs and vitamins should you take?

How should you pray for your healing?

The Bible Cure has the answers to these and other questions.

Within the ancient texts of the Bible are passages that provide hidden health clues to help rid people of almost every major disease. These findings have been validated by both scientific and medical research-a truth that amazes scientists and physicians alike.

In his private practice, renowned physician Reginald Cherry, M.D., has seen The Bible Cure miraculously heal people with allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, genetic defects, arthritis, even heart disease and cancer. In this ground-breaking book, he deciphers passages from ancient Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew Bibles, explaining how these sacred texts anticipate many of the same findings of today's cutting-edge medical research. Filled with powerful testimonies and sage advice, The Bible Cure will empower you with the Bible's wisdom about nutrition and health while building your faith in a God who heals.

The Bible Cure by Reginald Cherry

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