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Walter Wangerin's much-acclaimed retelling of the Bible as a novel, "The Book of God", has sold over 1.5 million copies in 20 languages worldwide. The award-winning author now turns his attention to the controversial and charismatic person of Jesus. The story is told by two of Jesus' closest confidantes - his mother Mary and his beloved disciple. Together, they provide a compelling account of Jesus' revolutionary ministry, as his loyal following and the opposition against him increases daily. At the height of his popularity, through the blind ambition and tragic misunderstanding of one of his closest friends, he is handed over to his enemies. Yet this act of cowardice will enable Jesus to fulfil his ultimate mission. . .Faithful to the gospel accounts and expertly retold, this is an engrossing read for all intrigued by the person of Jesus - Christians and non-Christians alike.

Jesus: A Novel by Walter Wangerin

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