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Archaeologists Mac and Steve find themselves back in time looking for a man whom the kings and emperors and popes of Europe wanted desperately to find too. Islamic forces were pressing against Christendom. Tales existed of a powerful Christian warrior in the east who could help their cause. Prester John, however, had another vision. On the quest to find Prester John, Mac and Steve travel through Ethiopia, the Sudan, Chad, Libya, the Red Sea, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, the Greek Islands, Malta and Italy. Along the way they make friends with dozens of historical figures of the time. They ride camels, horses, prehistoric birds and animals; get shipwrecked, are held hostage by Roman soldiers, captured by pirates; visit secret monasteries, view the Ark of the Covenant and Books of Adam, and stay in a hidden forest enclave in the middle of the Sahara. This novel is the first of a trilogy.

Finding Prester John by Murray J Peat

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