This easy-to-use reference tool covers over 500 theological topics. Contributors show how themes are developed throughout Scripture in a cover-to-cover examination that distinguishes biblical theology from systematic theology. 1,168 pages from Baker.

Though multivolume dictionaries of biblical theology abound, there is, no single-volume resource from a decidedly evangelical perspective. The Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (EDBT) fills that gap with admirable distinction.Most multivolume resources, moreover, require a knowledge of the biblical languages. The EDBT is different. Though its contributors base their research on the Greek and Hebrew texts, they present their findings in language that everyone can understand. The result is an accessible of the key theological themes found in the Old and New Testaments.Steering away from peripheral matters, these scholars emphasize the theological message of the biblical writers in more than 500 articles. "The present volume," writes the editor, "is intended to make available the biblical teaching on, a wide variety of topics, ranging from the individual books of-the Bible to specifically theological ideas to individual ideas that might appear only a few times or even once in the Scriptures." A comprehensive Scripture index rounds out the work, enabling readers to glean every theological insight on a passage.Presenting the theology of the Bible in the forms of expression chosen by the biblical writers themselves, this -work is an excellent companion to the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, which focuses on systematic theology and the creedal formulations of the church. Together these two dictionaries cover the entire range of theological expression from biblical times to the present.The EDBT is the latest addition to the Baker Reference Library, which offers the best of evangelical scholarship in language that is precise enough for the scholar yet understandable to the layperson. Other reference works in the Library include the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, Evangelical Commentary on the Bible, Baker Encylcopedia of the Bible, Evangelical Commentary on the Bible, Topical Analysis of the Bible, and Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Some of these reference works are also available in an electronic version that can be searched by computer.

Baker Reference Library offers the finest of evangelical scholarship to both scholars and laypeople. Each of the contributions is easy to understand and easy to use (thanks to their one-volume format). These volumes serve as ideal home reference books for laity, handy resources for pastors and church leaders, and reliable supplemental texts for courses in Christian colleges and seminaries.


Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology by Walter A. Elwell

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