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Paul's second letter to the church at Corinth is the account of a man who is being disciplined and matured. In it, Paul opens his heart concerning what it really means to him to be a minister of the gospel, revealing something of what it has cost and some of the precious experiences which have brought him great joy. Dr. Redpath, in these deeply devotional and evangelistic messages, remarkably clarifies Paul's words and applies them to the life of the Christian. In his blessed manner, the author discusses the joys and rewards of giving, the definition of a Christian, the purpose of discipleship, the meaning of separation from worldly entanglements in modern society, the significance and qualities of true repentance, the reality of a final and absolutely true judgement--all in the radiant assurance of the inexhaustible grace and power of God. Dr. Redpath's accurate, warm, paraphrased portions of Paul's words reveal the author's own understanding of and sympathetic response to Paul's experience, and make his words live today for the believer in Christ.

Blessings Out of Buffetings by Alan Redpath

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