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The Normal Church Life is a uniquely pastoral commentary on 1 John. This does not mean that it is a commentary exclusively for pastors; rather, it highlights the fact that this commentary springs from a truly pastoral heart. This is theology practically and powerfully applied. The book of I John is of vital importance to the Christian reader. It answers the questions: Can I be sure I am a Christian? What about others who say they are Christians, but do not act like it? Just how important is obedience to my Christian life? Do I really have to love others, especially those who are not so lovely? In answering these questions P.G. Mathew examines the three criteria set forth to verify Christian faith: orthodox doctrine, personal holiness and the maintenance of right relationships in the church. This book gives you the tools to refute unbiblical teachings and to live the life that God approves. In I John we find the tests by which we must measure ourselves to see if we are living the authentic Christian faith. Would you pass these tests? Read The Normal Church Life and find out.

The Normal Church Life: Exposition of the First Epistle of John by P.G. Mathew

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