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These lectures on the Ephesian Letter were first published in Revelation magazine in a series of fifteen articles, afterward appearing in book form in 1935. This book is affectionately dedicated to my brother, Rev. Rollin Thomas Chafer, D.D., whose life-long companionship, wise counsel, and tireless faithfulness in a great partnership service for God has gone far toward securing for it that measure of achievement which under divine favor has been wrought. Preface But for a slight revision in the text, the material presented in this volume was first published in the Revelation Magazine. The fifteen sections into which the book is divided correspond with the fifteen magazine articles and are published by the permission of the owners of Revelation. No skeleton or outline of the Ephesian Letter is presented in this book other than that which is set forth in the Contents. The all-important features of the structure of the Ephesian Letter are, (1) The discovery of the precise message and character of the first division, Chapters 1-3, and (2) the logical relation which exists between the first division and that which follows. Many books have been written on the Ephesian Letter. Some have been exegetical and some devotional. The distinctive aim of this treatment is doctrinal and as this Letter has not been thus developed by writers generally it is hoped that the book may serve some worthwhile purpose and be, in some measure, "to the praise of the glory of his grace." Lewis Sperry Chafer Dallas, Texas, June 1, 1935

The Ephesian Letter by Lewis Sperry Chafer

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