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With each page comes a new and exciting truth about the Bible. He explains with clarity the Old Testament practices and procedures that the people of Israel had to perform in order to have a relationship with God, and how they apply to us today. Then shows how the ministry of Christ prepared the way for us to come to God by perfecting our faith in Him through the sacrifice of His own body. Finally, Wuthrich explains how the Holy Spirit reveals His word to us through prayer.

Ideal for any Christian wanting to better understand how the pieces of the Bible fit together, and how they apply to their lives today, Temple of God Made Without Hands is a accessible as it is informative.

About the Author:

James Wuthrich's life dramatically changes when he was born again at the age of twenty. He ahs earned an associate's degree in humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Rock City, a bachelor's degree in science in education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and an associates degree in computer networking at Blackhawk Technical Institute in Janesville, Wisconsin. Wuthrich resides in Beloit, Wisconsin, where he has lived the majority of his life.

Temple of God Made Without Hands by James R. Wuthrich

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