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With thoroughness Wilson tackles some of the questions raised regarding the historical statements in the Book of Daniel. The authenticity of Daniel has been doubted or disparaged for a variety of reasons. No one person has examined in more detail the claims of those who point out the ""flaws"" in Daniel than did Robert Dick Wilson. Each of the eighteen chapters in his first book deals with a separate allegation, and with characteristic thoroughness he defends the book against its critics. In the second volume Wilson deals forthrightly with the relationship of Daniel to the canon of the Old Testament, discussing the apocalypses and date of Daniel, and then significantly measuring the influence, background, and prophecies of Daniel. Wilson discusses the principles underlying the objections leveled at the book of Daniel. He states each principle along with the assumptions on which it is based, lists reasons why the assumptions are false, and finally draws conclusions from the discussion. Readers will appreciate the expertly prepared indexes.

Studies in the Book of Daniel (One-Volume Edition) by Robert Dick Wilson

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