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In a world full of illness, brokenness, disease, suffering, death, and despair, the church offers the good news of Christ the Healer. Yet the subject of Christian healing engenders a world of responses -everything from enthusiastic support to complete rejection and skepticism. Healing ministry calls forth hope, faith, compassionate caring, and joyful service; but must also deal with confusion, doubt, disappointment, and unanswered questions. Through a sea of interpretations and methods, SENT TO HEAL steers a course which is biblical and balanced. Designed as a core textbook for members of the International Order of St. Luke, Sent to Heal is a course of study for any Christian caregiver who is interested in the healing vocation of the church. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 What is Health and Healing? 2 Healing in the Bible 3 Healing in Church History 4 Different Approaches to Healing 5 Sickness, Suffering and the Will of God 6 Healing by Many Means 7 The Prayer of Faith 8 Healing of Memories 9 Healing and Medical Science 10 Healing and Lifestyle 11 Christian Healing & Alternative Movements 12 The Ministry of Deliverance 13 What about Those Who are Not Healed? 14 The Wider Social Dimensions


Appears to have had little previous use. This is quite a large book (436 pages).

Sent to Heal by Harold Taylor

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