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"For years David Pierce has gone into some of the most revolutionary, and often dangerous, underground communities in the world to reach people for Jesus. Punks, goths, militants, mercenaries- David has ministered to them all. His energized and avant-garde use of extreme music and theater to communicate the gospel continues to win lives for Jesus from South America to Siberia. I have had the privilege of writing about David, reading about his life and seeing the fruits of his ministry. He is truly a unique and remarkable evangelist, gifted by God to go into the radical, post-Christian boroughs of modern society to win the "un-winnable" for Christ."
-Jimmy Stewart, Managing Editor, Chrisma Magazine

"David Pierce has turned the world on end for years. This book will show What one man can do when he's recklessly abandoned to Christ. You will be moved. You will be changed."
-Margaret Becker, Award winning Recording Artist/Author

"David is a personal friend of mine, and I believe he is gifted evangelist with a great heart for the lost. You will be deeply challenged by David as he shares his vision to reach the lost."
-Floyd McClung, Former International Director of Youth With A Mission

Rock Priest by David Pierce

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