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Welcome to college. An avalanche of emotion hits Caitlin O'Conner as she lands on campus and begins to realize she's not in high school anymore--and the rules in this dorm deal are different, to be sure. Buried in coursework and far form her best friend Beanie, and the kids she grew up with, Caitlin must cope with her new roommate's bad attitude, manic music, and sleazy social life. Should she have chosen a Bible college like Josh? Maybe...but how to survive the year ahead is the big question right now!

Hang with the frazzled freshman for a year, and see how Caitlin handles her transition from home to On My Own. 263 pages. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Diary of a Teenage Girl: On My Own by Melody Carlson

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  • Format: Paperback

    Condition: Good

    Series: Diary of a Teenage Grl #4