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In Now What Do I Do? author Lynn Cassella-Kapusinki offers a workbook for teens that helps them flush out their feelings and fears. The author writes with a style that teens can easily relate to without feeling talked down to.

The empathetic tone of Now What Do I Do? helps teens confront and define their losses, guiding them through their grief and other difficulties that can result from their parents separation or divorce, whether the breakup is recent or years in the past. Each chapter includes exercises and activities that can be done alone or with friends.

Now What Do I Do? helps teens:Remove feelings of guilt; Know the steps to emotional recovery; Improve communication with parents; Reexamine family ties; Avoid the parental war zone; Deal with anger; Find comfort in faith and friends; Learn to forgive.

Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Help Teenagers with Their Parents' Seperation

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