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This is an age of profound cultural change, in which new categories and alliances are bound to arise. In theology, the liberal strategy is waning, having degenerated into mere anthropology and political agendas. And while evangelicals enjoy statistical success, they are suffering an acute identity crisis.
Currently the postliberal (or "Yale school") movement has found a strong resonance in some mainline denominational circles. Its emphasis on the biblical text and Jesus Christ - by whom all other reality needs to be construed - may turn out to be the most significant theological realignment in more than a century.
Are we seeing a paradigm shift? Can evangelicals and postliberals make common confession? In this groundbreaking book, creative evangelical and postliberal thinkers explore exactly how they agree and disagree along a range of issues, from epistemology and theological method to doctrinal concerns.
Evangelical contributors include such significant theologians as Alister McGrath and Gabriel Fackre. Postliberal contributors include George Lindbeck, a "founding father" of postliberalism, and George Hunsinger, the former student and major interpreter of the late Hans Frei, another "founder" of postliberalism.
The Nature of Confession robustly initiates a discussion of real importance to both the academy and the church.

Nature of Confession: Evangelicals and Postliberals in Conversation

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