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What is your greatest priority? Followers of Jesus are called to be disciples who make disciples of all nations. Somewhere along the way global missions have slipped far too low as a priority for individuals and churches. Missions and outreach to the lost is not an option for any true follower of Jesus because if you are a disciple then missions is in your DNA. Jesus requires us all to make disciples and live on mission with Him daily. Missions Abandoned challenges you to refocus your life as Jesus’ follower making it a priority to make disciples locally and globally. Jesus has been calling His disciples for centuries to be obedient to follow him and to engage in His mission. Now is your time to follow Jesus and to do what disciples of Jesus do; make disciples. Andrew and Owen confront you to get reacquainted with what it truly means to be His disciple by reintegrating missions and witnessing into your daily life. You will not only be inspired, but also be equipped with the tools to become an effective disciple-maker. "Missions Abandoned” does more than inform followers of Jesus, it challenges us to reevaluate our commitment to missions and our passion for the lost.” - Kyle Idleman, teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church.

Missions Abandoned by Andrew Jit and Owen Jennings

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