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A collection of fresh sounds and an inspiring new repertoire of congregational anthems is the stage for God Is Able, an offering of worship, a night of passionate praise recorded by the Hillsong team in the hopes that it would beless the Body of Christ.

Deluxe CD Includes:
Song story videos, acoustic versions, bonus songs & more!

Track Listing CD:

  • "Rise"
  • "With Us"
  • "Unending Love"
  • "The Lost Are Found"
  • "God Is Able"
  • "The Difference"
  • "Alive In Us"
  • "You Are More"
  • "Narrow Road"
  • "My Heart Is Overwhelmed"
  • "Cry Of The Broken"
  • "Go"
  • "Awakening"

Bonus songs are live and acoustic versions of:
- God Is Able
- The Lost Are Found
- My heart Is Overwhelmed

Hillsong Live: God is Able (2 CDs)

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  • Contains 2 CDs. In very good condition. Minor marks on discs.

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