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THE HIDDEN HALF: Women and Islam by Dr Stuart Robinson.

Almost half of the global population of 7.2 billion people in 2013-14 was estimated to be female. This book is about women. More specifically, it is about women and Islam.

It does not seek to sensationalize the subject matter, although some information may seem that way to any reader exposed to it for the first time. Nor should it be seen as an attempt to moralize about any practices within Islam or how followers of that religion may regard or treat non-Muslim women. It simply records widespread practice and the authoritative religious texts that validate many of these practices.

It also seeks to motivate the reader to engage with Muslims in society so that God’s love can heal and transform their world through practical actions of Christian grace.


“Stuart Robinson must be congratulated for giving voice to The Hidden Half,” VICKIE JANSON, Political Advocate and Author—Australia.

“This book opens a window onto Islam’s treatment of women. It is an essential resource for everyone concerned about human rights in our globally connected world,” REV. DR MARK DURIE, Political Advocate and Author—Australia.

“The Hidden Half—Women and Islam, addresses gender apartheid in the Muslim world globally,” DR PHYLLIS CHESLER, Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies, City University NY —USA.

“This book’s objective and scientific tone will help to alleviate a major human and social issue. Robinson investigates in-depth this most important problem, the status of Muslim women, now imported in our societies,” BAT YE’OR, Author of The Decline of Eastern Christianity; Islam and Dhimmitude; and Eurabia—Switzerland.

Hidden Half: Women and Islam by Stuart Robinson

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