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The epistle to the Ephesians holds a place of particular prominence in the New Testament. The revelation given in this epistle captures the essence of God’s will for the church and for the world. Gaebelein does not intend for us to discard the rest of Scripture; rather, he encourages us to read the rest of Scripture through the lens of Ephesians.

The first three chapters of Ephesians contain profound revelation—God’s comprehensive work for creating, redeeming, and manifesting himself in the life of the church. Gaebelein believes the church tends to read these chapters too quickly and dwell on large overarching themes without concentrating on the minutia. God’s Masterpiece: An Analytical Exposition of Ephesians 1–3 curbs this tendency. Gaebelein argues that “a telescopic sweep of this epistle is insufficient. The microscopic examination brings out its wonders.” This verse-by-verse exposition in non-technical language on the first three chapters of Ephesians combines microscopic scriptural exposition with a doxological response, which helps illuminate the whole.

God's Masterpiece: Analytical Exposition of Ephesians I-III by A.C. Gaebelein

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    Published: 1913

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