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Andrea Stephens has been where many young girls dream of being--on the front page of a glamour magazine, modeling the latest fashions and turning heads everywhere from her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the big city of New York. But, in her own words, it was a ''God thing'' that taught her the meaning of real beauty. And now in book one of the B. A. B. E. book series, her encouraging, upbeat writing style, speaks directly to teen readers right where they're at. Using real-life examples and simple exercises, Andrea leads these young women into the meaningful ''B. A. B. E. sisterhood,'' where they will learn to see themselves through the eyes of a loving, purposeful Creator.About the series: The B.A.B.E. books teach girls that true significance is not about their hips or their hairdos, but about their hearts-hearts that are beautiful, accepted, blessed, and eternally significant.

Girlfriend You Are a B.A.B.E. by Andrea Stephens

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