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Beginning the study of Christian theology is like embarking on a journey. We know we should begin with the Bible, but how do we reach our destination? And where exactly is this destination known as theology or doctrine? What route should we take? What hazards, dead ends and detours might we find along the way? And how will we avoid them?
As a seasoned theological traveler, Charles Scalise has made the journey from Scripture to theology many times. He has endured the hardships and, based on the pioneering work of Brevard Childs, has replotted a better way. He now offers a guidebook for novices, a simple introduction to what veteran travelers call theological hermeneutics. The journey climaxes in a vista of the canonically shaped doctrine and "bounded mystery" of the Trinity.
From Scripture to Theology is an attractive and easy-to-follow textbook guide to the route now known as the "canonical approach." This path, mindful of the contours of Scripture and appreciative of the ancient ways of interpretation, is increasingly becoming the route of choice for theological travelers committed to Scripture and orthodox Christian faith.

From Scripture to Theology by Charles Scalise

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