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The introduction covers the Galatian people, the churches of Galatia, the date of the epistle, the genuineness of the epistle, and the character and contents of the epistle. The Texts and Notes section is commentary broken down to coincide with the 6 chapters of Galatians. Lightfoot refers to others, such as Philo, in this section, as well. There are three Dissertations included in the book, along with his commentary, they are: Were the Galatians Celts or Teutons? The Brethren of the Lord and St. Paul and the Three. Fully indexed. The Preface to the First Edition is written by the author at Trinity College, February 18, 1865 and is included at the beginning of the book.

Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians by J.B. Lightfoot

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