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For myself I have to say that it is the most satisfying commentary that I have ever read on this Gospel. Dr Hendriksen is acknowledged and recognised as an outstanding New Testament scholar who is thoroughly up-to-date and fully aware of all modern movements of thought. He leaves nothing to be desired in that respect, but at the same time his outlook and teaching are thoroughly Reformed, conservative and evangelical.

There is an excellent Introduction, and a peculiarly interesting feature is the way in which he gives a synopsis of the argument of each section. At the same time there is a verse by verse commentary, and all bathed in the warm devotional spirit of a pastor’s heart.

Here is an invaluable aid for all preachers, Sunday School workers and Bible Class leaders, and indeed for all who ‘desire the sincere milk of the word that they may grow thereby.’ All who enter into the riches of this great Gospel under the guidance of Dr Hendriksen will find their minds informed, their faith quickened and strengthened and established, and their hearts moved to adoration. At any rate that has been my experience. That is what one is entitled to ask and to expect of any commentary, but alas, it is a desideratum that is but rarely satisfied by modern commentaries.


– MARTYN LLOYD-JONES in the foreword to the first British edition of this outstanding commentary.

Commentary on the Gospel of John by William Hendriksen (Geneva Series)

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