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Nursing has changed.A paradigm shift over the last several decades has not only affected the theory of nursing (philosophies and conceptual models), it has radically altered nursing practice. Many nurses feel confused, disillusioned and discouraged.Now, drawing from extensive study and teaching experience, Judith Allen Shelly and Arlene Miller bring vision and hope to nursing by demonstrating how Christian faith provides a timeless foundation for health care. They consider such issues as

  • how our beliefs about God shape the way we care for others
  • the meaning of personhood
  • the nature of the environment in which we care
  • a richer view of health--shalom as the goal of nursing
  • the distinctives of Christian nursing, including spiritual care and hope in sufferingAt the dawn of a new century, nurses need a theology on which to rest both their faith and their daily work. In Called to Care Shelly and Miller provide this and much more.

Called to Care: Christian Theology of Nursing by Judith Allen Shelley et al

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