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Here is one of the most unusual and scholarly topical concordances yet devised - finally in print for North American readers.
First distributed in Israel as a four-volume set, Eliezer Katz's Topical Concordance of the Old Testament has been reorganized, reformatted, and reset for this one-volume edition. It is designed as a companion to Abraham Even-Shoshan's New Concordance of the Old Testament: Using the Hebrew and Aramaic Text. Katz's remarkable reference includes:
A total of 35,698 references arranged within 56 topics; a fascinating diversity of categories, including angels; animals; cities and places; color and form; construction; gods and their religious articles; journeys of the children of Israel; lands and regions; measurements, weights, and numbers; money; offerings; perfumes and spices; seeds, herbs, and grass...;
Topical headings broken down into subtopical categories. Headings, entries, and references are keyed to Hebrew-Aramaic and English texts.
Differences in chapters of English and Hebrew Bibles taken into account.
Cross-references documenting nuances of meaning, expressions with similar connotations, and texts in which meaning is unclear.
Up-to-date archeological, cultural, and linguistic information used.
A Topical Concordance of the Old Testament details life in the days of patriarchs, kings, and prophets - as presented in Scripture - to enrich the study of both the Hebrew and English Bibles.

A Topical Concordance of the Old Testament Edited by Eliezer Katz

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