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Have you ever tried to find a passage in Scripture related to a specific topic This topical index makes it quick and easy to find out what the Bible says about anything—from abstinence to zoology.

Maybe you want to know what the Bible says about age or agriculture. Does it have any word on credit cards, diet, computers, politics, or depression With thousands of different subjects, circumstances, and situations, Where to Find It in the Bible is your one-stop A-Z index of biblical topics and is perfect for:

  • Brand-new Christians or decades-long believers.
  • Traveling or as an on-the-go reference.
  • Personal study, teaching, and sermon preparation.
  • Birthdays, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, holiday gift giving, or as a welcome gift for new church members.

With this resource, you'll be able to quickly find topics that directly connect contemporary issues and 21st-century subjects and circumstances to Bible passages.

Where To Find It In The Bible: The Ultimate A-Z Resource by Ken Anderson

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