‘I never learned English grammar’ is the lament of many students beginning their 
study of Hebrew and Greek, the languages of the Old and New Testaments. This 
book is designed as a companion to the learning of either Greek or Hebrew, to 
help you to understand better what is going on when textbooks of Greek and 
Hebrew use English grammar to introduce the various forms of the new language.

The book will sharpen your appreciation of the gift of language and the richness 
and subtlety of your own language. It will help you to be more reflective and 
analytical of what you read and write. It will introduce you to some of the ways 
we can describe what is going on in grammar, and be understood by others who 
know and use this descriptive system. It will help you to be more effective when 
you read a serious commentary that engages the original languages.

AuthorDr John Davies is Principal Emeritus of the Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney, Australia and has taught English and other languages for over forty years.

Unless Someone Shows Me: English Grammar for Students of Biblical Languages

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