For the first time, Alan and Gilbert Morris combine their father-son writing talents to bring you double the intrigue in their exciting new mystery series, “The Katy Steele Adventures.” Set in the American West just after the Civil War, here are the first two of these detective thrillers. Venture through the turmoil that marred the building of the transcontinental railroad and land right in the heart of an international assassination plot! And be prepared to test your faith even as Katy Steele tests hers.

Tracks of Deceit
A Young woman searches for her father’s killer during the construction of the transcontinental railroad.

Kay Steele must overcome these obstacles on her quest for justice. With her partner, ex-gambler and actor Sam Bronte, Katy trails the saboteur of the Central Pacific Railroad – and her father’s killer. Will courage, cunning and faith sustain her, or will she be run down on the Tracks of Deceit?

Imperial Intrigue

Can Katy and Sam protect an Austrial prince and princess from the dangers of life in the Old West?

Katy and Sam face their most challenging assignment yet: Escort a banished Austrian prince and his entire royal entourage across the wilderness to their ranch in Texas. But what the two adventurers don’t know is that what awaits them is far more dangerous than any wilderness. Will they find the answers they need, or will they be overtaken by the Imperial Intrigue brewing around them?

Tracks of Deceit / Imperial Intrigue by Alan Morris and Gilbert Morris

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