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The battle for control of your life: the rise of democratic totalitarianism For the first time in history, governments are on the brink of being able to totally control your life. This is where The Truman Show meets The Omen. Be very afraid The story of human history has always been one of power and control. From Alexander the Great through the massive Roman Empire, and even Adolf Hitler's global imperial plans, leaders have repeatedly lunged at the opportunity to take control of as much of the planet as they could hold by force. They say that those who don't learn from the mistakes of history are condemned to repeat them. A new generation of intelligent totalitariacrats have no intention of repeating past errors. Using state of the art technology, and state of the art bureaucracy, the new totalitariacrats have realised that if they wrap people up in enough red tape, fuelled by social manipulation and carefully engineered crises, they can seize control incrementally.

In this must read book, investigative journalist and #1 bestselling author Ian Wishart reveals just how close they now are to achieving their goal of a new, globalist empire, and how they've 'educated' the public to not just accept it, but beg for it. This is not a battle between Left and Right. This is a battle between Citizens and the State.

They say turkeys won't vote for an early Christmas. The evidence strongly suggests otherwise...


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Totalitaria: What If The Enemy Is The State? by Ian Wishart

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    Interested in titles from Ian Wishart? We have more in store. Send us a Request.