New languages. . . New lifestyles . . . New relationships . . .In addition to the difficult adjustments all missionaries face in a new culture, women serving in the Muslim world often have other challenges: new roles and identities quite different from their old lives. In an effort to support and encourage women entering or already on the mission field, "Through Her Eyes" shares the personal experiences of two dozen women as they reveal the nuances of their everyday lives as missionaries in a foreign culture. Some are single, many are married, and a number of them have children, but all provide a candid look at issues associated with living cross-culturally: dealing with loneliness, learning a new language, helping children adjust to the new culture, maintaining healthy marriages, and balancing ministry and family roles. With this book, author Marti Smith offers an honest and insightful look at the challenges of being a woman in missions, providing much-needed encouragement from those who have stepped out in faith and found that God is indeed enough to meet all their needs.

Through Her Eyes: Christian Women Serving in the Muslim World by Marti Smith

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