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The Spirit and the Word: Prophey and Tradition in Ancient Israel by Sigmund Mowinckel and edited by K.C Hansen.

Academic work from Fortress Press, 2002.


This volume brings together some of Mowinckel's most important and interesting work on the prophets. He begins by introducing the reader to the method of tradition history and how it is related to form criticism and literary criticism. From this groundwork, he goes on to explore how this method is essential for analyzing the prophetic literature in the Hebrew Bible.

In order to make it more helpful for students, each essay has been supplemented with additional notes and bibliography to show where the discussion has continued since Mowinckel. A bibliography of Mowinckel's works in English and a bibliography of essays evaluating Mowinckel's contributions are also included. This will provide an excellent supplementary textbook for courses on the prophets.
Key Features:

provides an introduction in Old Testament tradition history
an editor's foreword highlights the importance of Mowinckel's work
includes updated notes and bibliographies
includes chapters not previously published in the U.S.
indexes of ancient sources and authors



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The Spirit and the Word: Prophecy and Tradition in Ancient Israel

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