‘The author reaches new heights, presenting a winsome portrait of the Puritan divines, focusing upon their extraordinary vitality and the understanding of history which undergirded it.’ — JAMES M. BOICE


‘I think it is a fine piece of work and the chapter dealing with the imminence of the advent (N.T. sense of imminence) in relation to other data of an exegetical and historical nature is masterful.’ — JOHN MURRAY



Today the Church’s hope in respect to her mission of discipling all nations is in eclipse. The world gives Christianity no future and evangelicals themselves doubt whether the cause of Christ can ever attain to a greater triumph before his Second Advent. Must the prospects for succeeding generations be darker than those of today? Can we even expect any period of history to intervene before the Advent of Christ? How can readiness for Christ’s coming be consistent with the belief that revivals are yet to be given to the Church? Such questions are brought to the fore in The Puritan Hope and the author, employing both exposition of Scripture and much historical and biographical material, sets out the case for believing that it is not ‘orthodox’ to indulge in gloom over the prospect for Christianity in the world.


The Puritan Hope by Iain Murray

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