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"Gardiner Spring's 'The Power of the Pulpit' is an old classic on preaching that truly believes in the pulpit. It deserves to stand on every minister's bookshelf beside Spurgeon's 'Lectures to my Students' and Lloyd-Jones's 'Preaching.' I'll never forget the first time I read Spring's chapter on a minister's personal piety; it overwhelmed me, and moved me to tears, to silence, to confession, and to prayer for mercy and help. This is a great book which every minister should read and re-read, if he really wants to get a sense of the magnitude, awesomeness, power, and beauty of his calling." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

"In a day when the words 'power' and 'pulpit' seem unrelated in many places, the reprint of Gardiner Spring's classic will be welcome by those who wish to see the gospel preached 'in demonstration of the Spirit and power.'" - Dr. Robert P. Martin, Pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church Seattle, Washington and Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

The Power of the Pulpit by Gardiner Spring

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  • Format: Hardback with dust-jacket

    Condition: Good. Older book with yellowed pages

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