The Passion of The Christ movie is an unprecedented outreach opportunity for your small group. The overwhelming truth of the crucifixion as portrayed in the film is sure to stir a lot of emotions and questions from Christians and seekers alike. Questions like: Who as this Jesus? Why did He die? Did it really happen this way? What happened next? And what does it mean for me?


The Passion, The Purpose & Person of Jesus Christ Small Group Study allows everyone, from seekers to mature believers, to discuss their thoughts and feelings about the film, and to find answers to their questions. It is a tremendous opportunity to invite unsaved friends and loved ones to your small group.


This 3-week video-based curriculum is built on the Purpose Driven model, and features video teaching by Pastors Lance Witt and tom Holladay, with an introductory message by Pastor Rick Warren. 


In session 1, Pastor Lance Witt revisits some of the characters we met in the film: Caiaphas, Pilate, Simon, the thieves, and the soldiers. As we look at their responses to their encounters with Jesus, we come away with a better understanding of our own responses to him. 


Session 2, taught by Pastor Tom Holladay, is a biblical study of the crucifixion, the blood of Christ, and what his death accomplished for us.


In Session 3, Pastor Lance Witt picks up where the movie leaves off--with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through the eyes of mary Magdalene, we discover the hope, purpose, and power of the resurrection, and how we should live in light of its truth.


Produced by Saddleback Church, California

The Passion: The Purpose & Person of Jesus Christ (Small Group Study; DVD)

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