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EXPERIENCE THE WISDOM OF THE OLD TESTAMENT IN A NEW WAY. For many readers, the books of the Old Testament are unfamiliar. The people and events are strange, shrouded in mystery, unapproachable, and old. And yet, the Old Testament books paint a clear, uncompromising picture of the human condition. These writings are a vital part of the ongoing story of God's intimate love-relationship with His people. To overlook them is to overlook God's dealings with humankind. In The Message: The Old Testament Wisdom Books, Eugene H. Peterson's unique rendering from the original Hebrew breathes new life into the enduring wisdom of the ancient biblical texts. With the same vibrancy, passion, and clarity that he brought to his ground-breaking work on the New Testament, Peterson opens up modern minds to the wonder and wisdom of the Old Testament. Come, experience the pain and promise of Job as he struggles with tragedy, disappointment, and abandonment. Feel the passionate fury, humble contrition, and joyful exuberance of the Psalms. Discover the practical and enduring wisdom of Proverbs, the soul-searching honesty of Ecclesiasties, and the mystery and romance of the Song of Songs. If you've ever struggled to read and understand the Old Testament, you'll be surprised and delighted as you experience these old books in a brand-new way.

The Message: Old Testament Wisdom Books

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