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The Treasure: Noah's Ark, the world's greatest mystery, the earth most precious relic, long held in the icy grip of an ancient glacier. The Mountain: volcanic, dark, and treacherous, where a gust of wind can lift a man like a piece of lint. The Expedition: a precarious mixture of cultures and faiths, mingling Turkish soldiers with mountaineers, doctors, scientists, and Islamic holy men...and among them is a traitor. When natural forces melt the glacier and Noah's Ark is discovered intact on desolate Mt. Ararat, the job of rescuing it for the United States fall to Reg Danson. Yet, as he nears the landing place, having braved the bone-chilling winds, battled the Russian and Kurdish saboteurs, and lost several men to the evils of the mountain, he questions the significance and impact of his mission.

The Landing Place by Clint Kelly

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  • Format: Paperback

    Condition: Good

    Series: Reg Danson Adventure #1