What can account for the revival of interest in the Puritans today? Perhaps it is that they were strongest where the church today is weakest. As Lewis observes, the Puritans employed themselves in the great business of godliness, so as to bring a God-exalting and gospel-saturated approach to all things. They were indeed physicians of the soul who were strongly characterized by personal piety, sound doctrine, and the pursuit of a well ordered church life.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Puritan in the Pulpit
1. The Puritan Preachers
2. The Puritan Preaching
3. The Dignity of Preaching
4. The Necessity of Preaching
5. The Demands of Preaching
6. The Character of Preaching
7. The Content of Preaching
Part II: The Puritan in the Pew
1. The preparation necessary for hearing the Word preached
2. Behavior necessary when hearing the Word preached
3. Duties after hearing the Word preached
4. A typical Puritan service
5. Fast Days
6. The Puritan lecture
Part III: The Puritan In Private
The Puritans as Pastors
A. The Condition of Spiritual Desertions and Depressions
i. Lack of the sense of God’s presence
ii. Lack of the strength of present graces
iii. Unwillingness to apply present comforts
iv. Lack of assurance and fears of the future
B. The Causes of Spiritual Desertions and Depressions
i. The Holy Spirit
ii. Our Own Heart
iii. Satan
C. The Cure of Spiritual Desertions and Depressions
i. Fly to God
ii. Trust in God
iii. Put convictions of sin into perspective
iv. Do your part in all this

The Genius of Puritanism by Peter Lewis

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