The Freedom Diaries tells how author Mark Holloway discovers completely by accident how to have a back and forward conversation with God. Thousands of other Christians are reading Mark’s story - many who read the book say they too now have their own back and forward conversation with God.

After 37 years of believing in a God who seldom speaks clearly, Mark’s life goes down the plughole in a single day. Worse, he discovers it’s his own doing. Terrified he screams out to God and to his amazement God speaks back - and keeps on talking. An unbelievable conversation with God begins. As his life continues to slide into an abyss, Mark is plagued by doubt. Would God really talk to him like this? Then he discovers his conversations with God have made him a disappointment to religious people. Thoroughly disillusioned he decides to stop.

But God keeps talking. Every day God turns up and says encouraging and hopeful things when there is no hope. Thousands of others hear what Mark is doing and try it themselves. Many discover that they too are having a conversation with God without having to be all perfect. A real back and forward conversation with God, just like friends. 

The Freedom Diaries by Mark Holloway

  • Format: Paperback

    Author: Mark Holloway

    Condition: Good