Dr. Jack Brenner, academic, pastor and loving husband, was convinced he’d been abducted by aliens. Now, an encounter from his past is coming back to haunt him.

The beings he encountered certainly looked alien enough. What starts out for Brenner as a lucid dream soon turns to a gruesome nightmare, as he learns from extra-terrestrials that forces of evil are brewing below the surface…

No thought is safe from prying minds in this new world order.

When he is offered a place in the Ultrastructure that controls world politics, Jack is both flattered and repulsed. But the more they dragged him back and forth through time, trying desperately to change the outcomes of events, the more convinced he became: these were no more “space aliens” than he was.

Who then — or what — were they?

And what was the secret they would manipulate all time and space to find?

Trapped in time, a spiritual mystery unravels. Jack is battling against what seems to be a demon hierarchy in the midst of biblical history. Is this a supernatural power or is there a conspiracy closer to home?

And most importantly: will he ever be allowed to return home?

The Fallen is a gripping and mind-bending science fiction thriller with a mysterious theological tint.

The Fallen by Robert Don Hughes

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