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THE BIBLE COMPANION is a Bible study book which combines several essential ingredients for any Bible study - an introduction to the study of Scripture, a dictionary, a concordance, and helps for Bible study. William Barclay's "Introducing the Bible" will help you understand how the Old and New Testaments were written and gained acceptance as holy Scripture, how they are unique, and methods for reading and studying them. The dictionary of the Bible contains definitions of more than 1300 different subjects. In this dictionary you will find clear definitions of unfamiliar people, places, and events in the Bible. The concordance to the popular New International Version (NIV) of the Bible has more than 35,000 Scripture citations to the location of more than 4600 different Bible topics. This helpful listing of Bible verses will lead you in your study of the many themes that run throughout the Bible. THE BIBLE COMPANION also contains other helps for Bible study. A chronological chart twill help you determine when certain events occurred and what was happening in history when these biblical events took place, while maps of the biblical world will point out where events mentioned in the Bible occurred. The modern equivalents to ancient money and measures and the Hebrew calendar will help you translate the stories of the Bible into the twentieth century, and a program for reading the Bible will guide you methodically through your study. THE BIBLE COMPANION is just that - a companion to your Bible. It will help you translate the ancient message of the Bible into a meaningful guide for today. This description may be from another edition of this product.

The Bible Companion

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