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It's Christmas holidays. Robert and Tim are best friends, so are Simone and Heather. They live in Central Spings, a small, sleepy Australian town, so sleepy that the Policeman hasn't made an arrest in years! Until now!


The gang accidentally discover an old underground den, being used by a group of smugglers who are illegally trapping exotic native birds and smuggling them overseas. The girls spend a harrowing few hours locked underground in the den before finally breaking out through an old ventilation shaft. They find the boys and set about to spoil the criminals' night.


And what a night it turns out to be! Danger in the old boathouse, wrecking the crooks' boat, fire in the smugglers den, a severe road crash, and stacks more!


Through all this extreme danger the gang learn in a few lessons about life, love, and God in the great Australian bush.


For pre-teen ages 11-14


"An action packed kids adventure that is uniquely Australian... compelling kids drama!" - Meredith Resce, author or 'The Heart of Green Valley' Series

Smuggler's Den (Aussie Adventures #1) by Jeff Townsend

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