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Silent Legacy invites you into conversation with some of the great minds that have formed history; those who have thought and dreamed great things, shaping and moulding the culture and the civilisation we have inherited. It invites you to think about truth, reality, knowledge, beauty and community and to look deeper into contemporary culture and see the imprint and impact of ideas. Silent Legacy is the story of philosophy: from ancient Greece to the contemporary West; a primer, an introduction to digging a little deeper. Silent Legacy encourages you to take time to think and to engage with ideas, to show that the thoughts that have shaped our history are accessible that they originate in flesh and blood and that they are up for debate. In our age, as in perhaps no other, philosophical ideas and thoughts about the nature of reality and human life are more accessible to a wider audience. But engagement with those ideas is ironically rare. The legacy of philosophy is fast becoming silent; We live in an age of distractions, in which thought on the big questions is becoming more and philosophy is all-too-often latent and assumed underneath culture and human life instead of being a debated and accessible part of it. As we lose sight of the ideas which have shaped our world, and the people who formed them, we lose the tools for understanding who we are, and the culture we live in. In an age of sound-bites and platitudes, this book encourages you to do more than inherit dead and finished conversations. Ideas do not die. Make them live!

Silent Legacy: Unseen Ways Great Thinkers Have Shaped Our Culture

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