Grieving a miscarriage, Araminta Minty Sands has set aside the demands of running Eden Hall for a season of healing. But her convalescence in Europe is cut short when a crisis back home requires her husband Patrick's immediate attention. Minty returns to Eden Hall early, unexpected...and utterly unprepared for what awaits her. In Minty's absence, plans for an enormous concert on the estate grounds have got underway with neither her knowledge nor her approval. Minty first learns of it when she is refused admittance at the gates by security guards. It is the first of many outrages in a battle of wits and will between the interlopers and the Lady of the Hall. The future of Eden Hall is at stake, and more is afoot than greed, corruption, and the struggle for control. A deeper, hidden evil has gained root. Beautiful, seductive, and deadly, it threatens to tear apart everything Minty holds dear. Defeating it will require courage, intelligence, the help of friends, and something more: the power of prayer and the weapons only God provides.


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Secret of the Hall by Veronica Heley

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  • Format: Paperback

    Condition: Good

    Category: Fiction, Historical

    Series: The Eden Hall Series, #3