A major new reference tool for Bible study answers the question 'What does the Bible say about…?' 43,751 times.

Using Roget's categories from the famous 'Roget's Thesaurus', this unique 'Thesaurus of the Bible' is more versatile than either a concordance or a topical analysis.

Applicable to any Bible version, this essential reference book will help people quickly and easily discover the biblical perspective on any given topic. Compiler Colin Day has created a truly remarkable resource which opens the Bible in a way that other Scripture reference books are simply unable to do.

An asset to any bookshelf, it is particularly valuable for those involved in teaching, communicating or studying the Bible at all levels.

Dr A Colin Day's massive Thesaurus collects together 43,751 biblical references under approximately 1,000 categories of the familiar 'Roget's Thesaurus'. The fascinating result is similar to a Bible concordance but with words and topics grouped together on the basis of their meaning instead of simply being listed in alphabetical order of their actual occurrence in Scripture. The 'Thesaurus of the Bible' is applicable to any Bible translation.

A. Colin Day obtained a Science degree from Cambridge University and a doctorate in Linguistics from London University. He has worked in India, Nepal and Vietnam with the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Until recently he was a senior computer programmer for the Computer Centre of University College London, and has written a number of books on computer programming and desktop publishing.


"Most preachers have long valued the concordance, but now we have a quite new and much more powerful tool. In this truly innovative work … ideas leap out from every page."
DR PETER COTTERELL, 'London Bible College'


"A valuable innovation to help understand the meaning of the Bible, this thesaurus brings together concepts from across the Scriptures to stimulate new insights and understanding."
THE REV. DAVID JACKMAN, 'The Proclamation Trust'

Roget's Thesaurus of The Bible by A. Colin Day

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