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New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge gives readers drained from the madness of modern life the tools they need to follow Jesus’ path of supernatural resilience so they can recover their joy, strengthen their hearts, and thrive through the storm.The human soul has a built-in yearning for joy and beauty and all good things. But that craving for life has taken a real beating in recent years. Between false promises of ease and comfort on one side and the sheer trauma of global disease and disasters on the other, we are facing a shortage of peace, happiness, and strength. In Resilient, Eldredge provides skills and tools to strengthen your heart and soul—and reveals a path toward genuine recovery and resilience provided by Jesus himself. Drawing on wisdom from Scripture and Christian tradition, and illustrated throughout with powerful, true stories of grit and survival, Resilient will help you…recover from the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemictap into “supernatural graces” like the river of life that God promises his peoplelearn to be patient with yourself—genuine recovery from spiritual and emotional trauma takes time and intentionalitycreate a plan, because resilience and victory aren’t going to come with a swipe on your home screendiscover deep wells of freedom and strength through Christ who lives within us. Thriving requires a resilient soul. This book will help you find the resilience you need when the world has gone mad—and discover in Jesus himself the strength that prevails.


Previous owner's name is inside, otherwise this copy is in great condition.

Resilient leads you to the peace only God can provide in a world gone mad - and helps you discover in Jesus himself the strength that prevails.

Resilient by John Eldredge

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