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J. Stafford Wright calls it the black sheep of the Bible. Some interpreters stumble over the Book of Ecclesiastes; those whose writings appear in this collection see an important, unified message. 'Reflecting with Solomon' gathers some of the best scholarship on Ecclesiastes. The result is a solid introduction to Old Testament Wisdom Literature and more detail for study, preaching, and teaching than is found in most commentaries. Some articles cover the authorship, themes, difficulties, and overall structure in Ecclesiastes; others analyze specific texts. Among the contributors are Roland E. Murphy, Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies, Duke University; Donald R. Glenn, Chair of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Seminary; Wayne A. Brindle, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Liberty University; Michael A. Eaton, Lecturer in Old Testament, Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa; and the late Robert Gordis of Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Reflecting With Solomon: Ecclesiastes, ed. by Roy B. Zuck

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