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Edited by:

Jinbong Kim

Dwight P. Baker

Jonathan J. Bonk,

J. Nelson Jennings

Jae Hoon Lee.

Migration has been a major source of change and a central feature in human development, but the sheer magnitude and relentlessness of migrant movements in recent decades defy easy analysis. This volume is the outcome of the multinational case studies and responses presented at KGMLF’s 2017 consultation held in Sokcho, Korea, on the subject “Migration, Human Dislocation, and Accountability in Missions.” The studies presented deal with significant issues in Christian mission and address the case of North Korean migrants, the sufferings of Iraqis fleeing from war, African refugees, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, overseas Filipino workers, the situation of refugees in Europe, and other refugee cases.

People Disrupted: Doing Mission Responsibly Among Refugees and Migrants

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