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A double album, MATINS:VESPERS combines the exciting exploration of Parachute Band’s sound with a nod to the ancient rhythms of worship. The album’s name references the concept; a modern twist on the old canonical offices. MATINS, the first disc, presents a modern spin on the orthodox practice of the “morning songs” – the litanies that accompanied the rising of the day. The seven tracks on MATINS boast some of the band’s most exciting musical evolution yet. Fearless electronic ambition is treated with polished production; from the crisp synths and anthemic strains of ‘The City of the Lord’ to the Bon Iver-esque auto-tuned harmonies lying below the surface of ‘Run to You’. Lead single ‘Keep the Fire Burning’ takes the band’s songwriting to a new level; hints of electronica merge with insistent rhythms in a worship song that is equal parts pop anthem. The second disc, signals a bold new move for the band. As with MATINS, VESPERS pays tribute to the practice of “evening prayers”; the spacious, quiet reflections accompanying the close of the day. Consisting of seven sprawling, wordless atmospheres, VESPERS presents a canvas for devotion, from the Sigur Ros-like strains of ‘Hark’ to the synthetic nature-scape ‘Rallentando’, a track that channels ambient sound artist James Blake.

Parachute Band: Matins - Vespers (CD)

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